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Do I have to be a member of Somers Sportsmen's Assoc? No, we welcome anyone who wants to shoot.

How much does it cost per event? $10 for club members and $20 for non-members.

Somers Steels Shoots are centerfire handgun matches. 

What guns can I use? You may use revolvers, semiautomatic handguns and PPC guns.

Do I need special ammunition? Standard Ammunition is allowed. No steel core, heavy plated or magnum calibers can be used.

Do I need a holster? Holsters are not required but they are encouraged.

What type of holster is allowed? Outside the waistband with minimal cant.

How much ammunition do I need? We recommend you bring 300 rounds with you and you have enough magazines to hold 40 rounds.

What is the course of fire? There are 6 stages of steel with 15 to 30 plates per stage . Plates vary in size from 4 inch to 18" x 24". We have plate rails , spinning stars, poppers , knockoffs and static style plates.

What distance are the targets at? The range of shooting is from 10 yards to 40 yards.

Some other info you need to knowThis is a timed event usually starting on a 3 x 3 mat but may have a bigger box. Some moving is part of the event.

How do I sign up? We use PractiScore for sign ups

Event Safety Rules:

  • All guns must be empty upon arrival to the range and cased.
  • There are safe tables for holstering and checking guns.
  • No ammo is allowed on or at the safe tables.
  • No carrying loaded firearms on the range .
  • No handling of firearms anywhere but at the safe tables. (We run a cold range.) 
  • Only time a firearm is to be loaded is when a RO tells you to load and make ready in the starting box.

Contact Dave Spielman for more information and to get on the mailing list.

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