Practical & Defensive Shoot Information

At our Practical & Defensive Style Shoot we run 6 stages, where participants shoot at cardboard IPSC silhouettes and steel plates. We keep score based on speed and accuracy and the stage scenarios require shooting around or through obstacles, while both stationary or on the move.  Shooters are generally required shoot between 12 to 32 rounds per stage (more if you miss the steel targets).    


Do I have to be a member of Somers Sportsmen's Association to participate?  No, we welcome all who can safely and legally operate a handgun.

How much does it cost per event?  $10 for club members and $20 for non-members.

What guns can I use?  Centerfire pistols or revolvers – NO Magnum Loads.  Also, no Pistol Caliber Carbines (PCC) at this time.  

What type of ammunition do I need to bring to fire? Standard centerfire ammunition only is allowed. No 22LR, steel core, heavy plated or magnum loads are allowed.

What type of holster do I need to bring? An outside the waistband holster with minimal cant, less than 15 degrees, is required.

How much ammunition do I need for the event?  We recommend you bring at least 150 to 200 rounds with you.  You will also need enough magazines to hold up to 40 rounds for some stages.

Are high cap magazines allowed?  Yes, you may use any magazine in which you are legally allowed to possess.  

How do I sign up? We use PractiScore for sign ups. Registration usually begins 1 week prior to the event.  The event will be limited to 45 shooters and starts at 10:00 am.  All shooters must attend the 9:30 am safety meeting to participate in the day’s event.  

Event Safety Rules:

  • Eye and ear protection is required
  • All guns must be empty upon arrival to the range and cased.
  • There are safe tables for holstering and checking guns.
  • No ammo is allowed on or at the safe tables.
  • No carrying loaded firearms on the range.
  • No handling of firearms anywhere but at the safe tables. (We run a cold range) 
  • Only time a firearm is to be loaded is when a RO tells you to load and make ready while you are in the starting box.

Contact Rick Teel for more information and to get on the mailing list.

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